Best Longboards for Girls

In the 21st century it has been constantly stated that “what a man can do, a woman can do too” … with this in my mind, companies have decided to come up with longboards for girls. This is for the free spirited girls who enjoy the adrenaline rush achieved from wicked sports such as longboarding. Companies today tend to keep the female rider in mind while coming up with longboard designs as with each passing year, more and more women are getting attracted to this popular sport. There are so many choices to help new riders, as well as established pros, reach their potential and become the best.Longboards For Girls

Longboards designed for girls are designed in a distinct way, different from those designed for boys. These boards utilize specialized wheel construction to ensure the smoothest and fastest ride out there and the deck sizes differ giving consideration to height of the rider. Girls are known to have specific but graphic taste, thus, longboards designed for girls have unique tones and patterns to suit every woman’s style.

Many beginners (and even some pros) are faced with the lack of knowledge on the best brands to consider when buying longboards. There are so many competing brands in the market right now and thus the decision becomes a little difficult to the longboarders. The top brands to consider when purchasing a longboard are Sector 9, Quest, and Atom.

In addition to products from the above brands, one can consider the following recommended longboards for girls;

Sector 9 Peru Longboard

The Bamboo Series Sector 9 Peru longboard skateboard is a true pintail. What make this shape so awesome is that it is double concave under your feet. Therefore, you can feel that dome in the middle of the board that just makes it exceptionally Sector Pery Longboardcomfortable. The Peru is amazing for cruising the beach, hitting the neighborhood, cruising campus, heading to your friend’s tree house, or just plain old bombing a hill.

Specifications And Features

Quest Super Cruiser Longboard

Being one of the most popular longboards in the market, the Quest Super Cruiser longboard is known for being affordable, stable, long-lasting and high quality. Thus, it is suitable for both professionals and beginners. Many women have opted for this longboard as it is eye catching and definitely a head turner due to its beautiful and elegant Artisan design.

quest super cruiser longboardSpecifications And Features

Sector 9 Hot Steppa

This longboard is designed for carving and cruising. Its components are custom designed to ensure that you enjoy every moment that you spend cruising the streets or bombing the hills. Furthermore, it comes in a variety of assorted colors; therefore, you have the chance of picking one whose graphics impress you the most. If you are looking for a longboard that can cruise, then this is it.sector 9 seeker 39

Specifications And Features

Sector 9 Seeker

The Sector 9 Seeker is a symmetrical freeride board that’s perfect for anyone looking to get into freeriding. The board is extremely light and has a mild flex that conforms to any kind of force you push into the deck making it easier to slide than ever. When equipped with Sector 9 Butterballs the Seeker is perfectly capable of competing against the best of the best out there. If smooth slides and freeriding and freestyling is what you seek, the Sector 9 Seeker is the perfect ride for you.

sector 9's seeker 39 longboard skateboardSpecifications And Features

The Arbor Catalyst 

Eye catching with beautiful graphics the Catalyst is an amazing transition board. The reason for this is that it is easy enough for a beginner or intermediate person to use, but it is well-designed enough so that the board will grow with the skill level of the rider.arob catalys

Specifications And Features


Girls are just as free spirited as boys and can perform different stunts on the boards. However, their boards are designed differently to give more support and ensure safety. Injuries associated with longboards can be severe and sometimes fatal. Choosing one of the options of boards for girls listed above will not disappoint.