• Durability
  • Weight
  • Design
  • Stability
  • Speed
  • Price

When compared with all its features along with its price it is definitely worth putting in your priority list. The Alien Workshop Visitor Skateboard has been built for greatness. Skaters of all skill level love it as it provides a wide range of tricks and with great confidence, perfection and thrill. It is an all-in-one skateboard and guarantees the high standard the brand is known for. Its strength and touch of elegance will make the audience stare at you.


Brief introduction to the Alien Workshop Visitor Complete Skateboard:

Alien Skateboard WorkshopIt is a professional skateboard.  It measures 8.125 inches in length and 31.125 inches in breadth. It is very durable you can do all the tricks you can without breaking it. It is very versatile in the sense that it can be ridden anywhere let be a pool, street, park, rail tracks possible anywhere a skateboarder dreams of riding on. It is unbelievably fast that you will need to wear safety gears. It has god pop and is very good for doing high tricks, Ollies, or any wild tricks you desire. This makes the skateboard a good choice for experts. No matter what kind of terrain you are in it will provide optimal control. It is flexible and sturdy. It was built to look polished, perform great. It will boost your confidence which makes it a good choice for beginners too. It will certainly provide thrill in riding.

Design and material:

The entire deck is made of 100% Canadian Maple Hard Wood with 7 ply. It has been tried and tested robustly because Becker provides the best of the best skateboard so you can count on its stability and durability.  It has a great design with vibrant colors. It has a good concave which is not too flat or too round. It has good reflex trucks that provide high quality and comfortable position of riding which is both safe and enjoyable. It is not heavy so it is easy to carry around. It has Alien Workshop wheels of 62 millimeter and 72 A hardness. It also includes Alien Workshop riser pads so has little chance of wheel bite while doing tricks.


Design and material DetailsIts standard deck size is suitable for expert skaters and quite suitable for beginners too. It is not heavy so it is easy to carry around and easy to ride with and do all your wicked tricks. It is the latest product of Alien Workshop and ensures the standard it has promised. You can rely on it durability, strength, and off course style.

Is it suitable for you?

Whether you are a newbie or an expert the Alien Workshop Visitor Complete Skateboard will quench your needs. It is suitable for people with a wide variety of skills, ages, and heights. If you want something classy and strong for you to ride on this is a great choice. It has a very affordable price range so it is open for people of many backgrounds. Just feel comfortable with it and it will be your perfect companion. Plus it comes with a manual which is a bonus for beginners which helps them to get to the bottom quickly.

Little Maintenance Required:

It requires little maintenance. You can just rub it with a wet, soft towel or handkerchief along with soapy water and it will return the shine and glamour of the skateboard.

Final Thoughts:

The Alien Workshop Visitor Skateboard is a definite keeper and you will not regret adding it to your collection. It is highly durable, stable, and very swift suitable for many tricks tricks. It is suitable for beginners too. It is an all-in-one skateboard and certainly one of the highest standard skateboards and at a great price too.