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The Atom Drop-Through 40 Longboard is the better half of its counterpart Atom 41 longboard. It was built with account of the responses and complaints of the previous one and so has much better features and performance. It has a super-sonic speed and is very suave. Beginners enjoy it a great deal because of its enhanced buffering mechanism and experts cannot resist it either. It is said to be built for speedy and thrilling rides.

A brief introduction to the Atom Drop-Through Longboard

The Atom Drop-Through LongboardIt is 40 inches long and 10 inches wide. It has been built from the response of the riders of the Atom 41 users so is bound to be better. Its main features give it a better buffering effect and stiffness of the board. It ensures tight cornering and smooth ride all the while. It has excellent performance on uneven surfaces. It is perfect for downhill racing, skating on parks and bumpy roads, and sliding. It is great for jumps and high tricks as it will literally never break no matter how heavy you are. It is super-fast and super smooth. All the users have recommended riding purchasing it or riding it at least once in your life. It is a great choice for beginners learning new tricks but experts get a kick out of it too.

Design and materials

The Atom Drop-Through longboard has a bamboo hybrid construction of 7 ply. It has heat transfer monochrome graphics which is long lasting. It has quality reverse kingpin Navigator Drone trucks, Atom Area 51 wheels of 70 millimeter diameter and 51 millimeter width and 78 A. It employs ABEC 9 bearings along with high speed lubricant. This enables very smooth, fast and slick riding of the board. It has a slightly slanting concave which gives it more bounce and makes it more resistant to breaking. It provides easy riding over crack, speed bumps etc. The board guarantees to outclass the ones at this price in aspects of strength, speed, and overall standard. It has been designed to meet the skating needs of many.


Design and materials detailsThe Atom Drop-Through 40 Longboard has a fantastic combo of being fast, smooth, and flexible along with buffering mechanisms. It safeguards an incredible sensation while riding that will make you feel doing crazy and scary tricks fun. It has a combination of quality equipments which has great strength and durability along with its deck. This board was designed to be great and make people feel great.

Is it suitable for you?

If you are looking for a challenging and wild experience this board you are looking for. It will help you defeat gravity and any other obstacle in your path. It will give you the sensation flying. It seems to be very popular with teenagers but adults kill for it too.  Plus it comes with a manual which is a bonus for beginners which helps them to get to the bottom quickly.


It is very easy to maintain. You can just rub it with a wet, soft towel or handkerchief along with soapy water and it will return the shine and glamour of the skateboard. The wheels and bearings can be cleaned with Kleenex and toothbrush without the risks of any scratch.

Final thoughts

This long board is a definite keeper. It will make feel the next level skateboard experience. It is unbelievably fast and smooth but at the same time it provides great control and stiffness which makes it a winner for both newbies and experts. It has amazing features and at a great price as well.