Guide to Choose the Best Longboard Wheels

Before deciding to look for “the best” longboard wheels it is good to keep in mind that longboard wheels are constantly being upgraded as riders come up with new innovating ideas in order to try and make the longboarding experience more exciting. Hence, it is safe to say to that the longboarding wheels that are considered best today might not be given the same status tomorrow. However, any wheel that has been crowned the title of “best” surely is worth checking out even if it does not hold the first position anymore.

There are a few things that one should be aware of before looking into longboarding wheels. One of them being, “ALWAYS look for the wheels that suit your need, keep in mind, a good sliding wheel does not always guarantee that it would also be good when it comes to speed”. Because there are way too many features and options available when it comes to longboarding wheels, it is very easy to get distracted while trying to choose the perfect wheels for your longboard. Therefore, instead of searching randomly, note down your requirements and look for specific wheels which meet all those requirements.

Now now, for all of you who don’t want to go through the pain of reading all about the features and characteristics of longboarding wheels, we have decided to put up some of our personal preferences for you to take a look at and for those who would love to get to know more about longboarding wheels, there are plenty more information right below the suggestions waiting to be read by you!

Now for some of our personal suggestions of Longboard Wheels!

Shark Wheel Sidewinder 78a Skateboard Wheels (Square lip-hybrid!)

Shark Wheel SidewinderThis product has a perfect 5 star review on along with a bountiful of praising comments. Even though it falls in the category of square lip shape, it is actually hybrid shape between a sphere and a cube. This product is supposed to go over rough and wet surfaces with ease. It is also designed to provide good speed. It is 70mm in diameter and rated 78A on durometer and is made from high rebound polyurethane.


Bigfoot Longboard Wheels

Bigfoot Longboard WheelsThis is a round lip shaped wheel with a diameter of 76mm and durobility of 78A. This wheel is definitely worth every penny given its super reasonable price and is a huge bonus if you are into downhill skating and carving. However, it isn’t exactly up to the mark for smooth sliding experience. This wheel holds a rating of 4.5 on


4 Blue Pro Longboard Wheels 70mm 80a Skateboard Deck W/ Abec 7 Bearings

Blue Pro Longboard WheelsThis specific set sold by Wheels on comes with 4 wheels and 7 bearings. For its price this set is a real catch! The wheels are round lip shaped with a diameter of 70mm and 80A in durobility.


Orangatang Stimulus 70mm Longboard Skate Wheels

Orangatang Stimulus 70mm Longboard Skate WheelsOne of the most popular round lip shaped wheels that has a diameter of 70mm and 83A in durobility. These offset wheels are well designed for hard carving and cruising and from all the rave reviews it is super safe to say that these wheels will definitely be satisfactory.


Arbor Summit 78A Skateboard Wheel

Arbor Summit 78A Skateboard WheelThis particular wheel is a downhill wheel with an offset design that is not only meant to provide superior balance grip but also excellent drift performance.


Characteristics of Longboarding Wheels

It gets a lot easier to make wise choices if you are familiar with the common characteristics of longboarding wheels which determine how well a wheel will run. The notable ones are listed below:

Lip Shape

Common characteristics of longboarding wheels

The edge of the wheel should resemble this shape. This is the part of the wheel which determines how effortlessly the wheel would move sideways.

There are a few kinds of lip shape and each has their own function.

  • A wheel with a lip which looks like an acute angle on the side is usually designed for slalom course. This design enables them to stick turns harder than any other type of wheel on the market. The edge of the wheel is designed to comply with the surface on which they are being ridden. These wheels provide a good amount of traction; however, this kind of wheel is not devised to slide.
  • Wheels with a lip shape resembling that of a square are quite popular and in demand. These wheels have a flat bottom and have a 90 degree angle. The lip moves straight upwards and then downwards before directing toward the core of the wheel. Again, these wheels too provide amazing traction and are great for carving as the rotating force is directed toward the edge of the wheel which increases friction between the wheel and the ground and makes it possible to make a neat turn. These wheels, unlike the acute shaped ones are one of the best kinds of wheel for speed and are often preferred by downhill racers.
  • Similar to the square lip wheels are beveled lip wheels. However, unlike the 90 degrees of the square lip wheels, beveled lip wheels each have an edge with a whopping 135 degree angle with the other edges rounded off to 90 degrees. These wheels provide smooth rides and are comparatively more comfortable to use especially when riding on edgy, rough and rocky surfaces. Given all its features and advantages, it is not surprising that many consider this kind of wheel to be the best for cruising.
  • The classic design of skating wheels, aka, rounded lip wheels has proven itself to be one of the best when it comes to sliding. This kind of wheel performs well on bowls and ramps and can also easily ride over uneven surfaces.


Durometer determines the durability or hardness of the wheels. This depends on the rider’s weight and also one’s personal preference. If your personal choice is to have a soft and comfortable wheel that can ride smoothly over rough surfaces then definitely go for it. But, keep in mind that the heavier the rider is the harder their wheels should be because if you are putting more weight than the wheels can handle, you will be slowing it down. But then again, if you are too light for the wheels then you might have trouble with providing enough pressure to control to wheels. Hence, do keep these points in mind when deciding on the hardness of the wheel.



It is pretty common to pair longer decks with bigger wheels and smaller decks with comparatively smaller wheels; this combination does work the best after all. But, smaller decks can work just fine and in some cases, a lot better with bigger wheels which of course wouldn’t be the case if smaller wheels were used for longer decks since it makes the board more prone to “wheel-bites” which causes the board to stop suddenly.

Wheel Size

For large decks (40 inch +) it would be safe to choose wheels of diameter ranging from 70mm to 75mm.

For decks that measure within 34 inches to 42 inches can pair effectively with wheels of diameter ranging from 68mm to 72mm.

For small decks that measure 34 inches or below, it would be a good idea to go for wheels that fall within the range of 60mm to 67mm.

To summarize all that, basically just look for the right shape, hardness and size. Keep in mind that every design of longboard has a different requirement. With all this information you are now ready to go shopping for the perfect wheels for your longboard. Have fun flying on the ground longboarders! Fly free, fly fast!