Best Freeride Longboards for You

Freeride is a unique style of riding. It is a form of technical skating that is very trick oriented and technical. While doing so the rider’s primary focus is going fast and doing slides all the while. It involves moves like flip tricks, manual moves, and board dancing. The skills required for freeriding are stand-up slides, hands-down slides, and foot braking. This means the rider needs good positioning and balance. A longboard must have good concave to lock the feet in, a stable deck, and some tail to maintain style and ease of riding. Freeride longboards are somewhere in length between 38 inches and 43 inches. They possess shorter wheel base that makes them more agile and easier to maneuver slide tricks.

Latest Freeriding Longboards

Arbor 2016 Hybrid Premium Longboard Skateboard Custom Complete

Arbor 2015 Hybrid Premium Longboard Skateboard Custom CompleteThe double kicks provide the option to do nollies, ollies, kick flips, flip kicks, stick trips, and blunt slides.

  • Brand: Arbor
  • Price: High
  • 9 inches x 36 inches
  • 25 wheel base
  • 7 ply of hard maple
  • Spray-on grip tape
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Gravity 2016 Wingman Longboard Skateboard Custom Complete

Gravity 2015 Wingman Longboard Skateboard Custom CompleteHas a double kick which is meant for anything from cruising the streets to slashing the pool.

  • Brand: Gravity
  • Price: High
  • 8 inches x 30 inches
  • 125 wheel base
  • 7 ply of Hard Rock Maple
  • Stiff flex level
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Clutch Hula Black Longboard Skateboard Custom Complete

Clutch Hula Black Longboard Skateboard Custom CompleteHas a combination of Bacon-Cave and double W that is enough to lock your feet without being obtrusive or uncomfortable.

  • Brand: Clutch
  • Price: High
  • 10 inches x 35.5 inches
  • 5 to 23 wheel base
  • 8 ply of Maple
  • Standard black grip tape
  • Stiff flex level
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Comet 2016 FSM V2 Longboard Skateboard Custom Complete

Comet 2015 FSM V2 Longboard Skateboard Custom CompleteOne of the most popular decks from comet. It has wide tapering in the waist for weight reduction and yet efficient riding.

  • Brand: Comet
  • Price: Medium
  • 75 inches x 42 inches
  • Wheel base 30
  • 8 ply of Maple
  • Stiff flex level
  • Standard black grip tape
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Nelson BatRay DT Longboard Skateboard Custom Complete

Nelson BatRay DT Longboard Skateboard Custom CompleteShorter symmetrical double drop with some unique features

  • Brand: Nelson Longboards
  • Price: $ 228.95
  • 8 inches x 33 inches
  • Varying wheel base 26 to 27
  • 8 ply of Maple
  • Stiff flex level
  • Standard black grip tape
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Features of Freeride longboard


Deck Style LongboardDeck style – The deck style plays an important part as it controls the riders’ shift in balance among other things like stability, flexibility, speed,and etcetera. It is said drop-through and drop-platform longboards are the best choices for the freeride technique. The drop-platform decks are ideal for beginners because the lowered platform provides riders an enhanced sense of stability, which is the most important aspect for beginners, enabling easy performance of slides.The drop-through deckwith little flex is more suitable for intermediate and advanced level skaters,which hasa light and slim construction making it easy for doing flip tricks.

Deck dimensions – Decks between 38 inches and 42 inches are ideal for freeride. Shorter boards do not provide enough stability and longer ones add a bulky sensation which do not provide the comfort for a smooth ride. The width range being co-related with the length of the board must be within the range of 8.5 inches to 10.5 inches for a perfect ride.


Truck design – The preferable choice will be use of longboarding trucks with a reverse kingpin like Randal, Paris, or Bear. The trucks should have a baseplate angle of 50 0 to 52 0 that provides power to break traction in wheels and initiate slides.

Truck width – The width of the truck should be in accordance with the width of the deck so should be around 180 millimeters.


Wheel diameter – The diameter of the wheel should be within 68 millimeter and 72 millimeters. Shorter wheels wear out too quickly and longer ones have a greater chance of wheelbite. The lip profile of the wheels determines the ‘push-back’ you will get from a wheel while sliding. Wheels with round lips slide out more predictably and with less effort making the ride more enjoyable so wheels with round lips are good for freeriding.

Wheel durometer – The durometer of the wheels should vary with the weight of the rider in order to maintain a smooth and swift ride. Riders weighing under 150 lbs enjoy and find comfortable riding with wheels of 78 A to 83 A. Riders weighing in the range of 150 lbs to 180 lbs find wheels of 81 A to 84 A more comfortable. And lastly, for riders above 180 lbs82 A to 86 A is most suitable.

Core placement – It is the measurement of how far the bearing is positioned in the wheel.  Centerset wheels are a signature property of freeriding longboards because the way they break in slides is nice and predictable. This reduces the time of learning to do to tricks.

Width of the wheel – Wheels of little width ensure less resistance while sliding so all freeride longboards use slim wheel width. Wheels of greater width are occasionally used when freeriding but they make freeriding difficult and less swift.


This style of longboarding uses inexpensive and durable bearings. To increase durability of bearings spacers are installed between them. These spacers reduce the damaging effect that come with sideway sliding. Some bearings have an integrated spacer. They require the least amount of parts and last a really long time

Extra features

Bushings – A large number of factors affect the size of bushings like truck design, board flex, personal preferences etcetera. But ideally the table below shows a good setup of freeride longboard (with a low stiff deck and reverse kingpins)bushings.

Bushing Durometer Chart

Weight (lbs.) Bushing durometer (A)
50 to 100 73 to 80
75 to 125 78 to 82
100 to 145 80 to 85
125 to 175 80 to 87
145 to 195 82 to 90
175 to 220 85 to 93
200 to 250 90 to 93
225 and above 90 to 97


Risers – They help protect the deck from damage from rubbing and slamming of trucks against the deck. The risers usually go in line with the deck shape. A set of 1/8 inch Khiro Shock pads are recommended for drop-platform decks and 1/8 inch Khiro Drop-Through Shock Absorbing Strips for drop-through decks.

Grip tape – Vicious, Edger, and Jessup Super Coarse are usually used with freeride longboards. More course grip tapes are used when riding hills.