Choose the Best Globe Longboards

 A Brief Introduction to Globe Longboards

Globe offers any kind of long board you can think. The price varies from as low as $ 80 to $ 200 and above. But they all ensure good quality. Material ranges from a few plies of hard maple wood to several plies of bamboo material. They have a diverse of variety in style and hardware. The deck ranges from 35 inch to 43 inch and of different concave and shape. Each style suited to different modes of riding, with matched set equipment that enhances each riding style.They are Very fast and provide good balance. The long boards are designed for all age groups and skill level.They ensure very smooth ride, strength, and stability.All the boards encompass great graphic design. The boards can travelon any kind of terrain let it be hill, bumpy roads, pools, streets, sidewalk etc.With this as your companion cruising will feels easy and amazing commuting will be at your expanse all the time.

Latest globe long boards

Given below are five latest Globe long boards of 2015 all within the range of $ 150 to $ 180 to ease your search.

Globe Big Blazer Brown/Orange Longboard

Globe Big Blazer BrownFeatures:

  • 9 inches x 32 inches
  • Resin 7 hard rock maple
  • Mellow concave with a kick tail
  • 62 mm wheels of 82 A
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Globe Geminon Ebony Black Longboard

Geminon Ebony blackFeatures:

  • 9 inches X 35 inches
  • Resin 8 hard rock maple
  • Slight concave
  • 180 mm trucks with a slant reverse kingpin
  • 69 mm wheels of 83 A
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Globe Kaguya Bamboo Longboard

Kaguya BambooFeatures:

  • 5 inches to 43 inches
  • 8 plies of bamboo
  • Mellow concave with a kicktail
  • 150 mm trucks with a slant reverse kingpin
  • 70 mm wheels of 83 A
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Globe Geminon Underwater Longboard

Geminon underwaterFeatures:

  • 25 inches x 37.5 inches
  • Construction of resin hard 8 rock maple
  • 180 mm trucks of slant reverse kingpin
  • 70 mm wheels of 78 A
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Globe Pinner Black Sea Port/Orange

Globe Pinner Black Sea Port-OrangeFeatures:

  • 75 inches x 41.25 inches
  • Resin 8 hard rock maple
  • Mellow concave with a kicktail
  • 180 mm trucks of slant reverse kingpin
  • 65 mm wheel of 83 A
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A little background check

Before we dig deeper into the globe longboards here is a little detail about its history.The company Globe was founded by Australian brothers PeterHill ,Stephan Hill, and Matt Hill back in 1980s.They have a family legacy of skateboarding. They produce decks, wheels, apparel, and footwear for skaters of all styles. The company is head quartered in Northern America in Torrance, California. Decks are designed from maple or plastic and come in various styles. They have created distinctive features on their decks, like the Big Blazer and Sundown that are said to be built with a bottle opener by being tucked in the board. Globeconceits on being a global company and has developed into a group of counterculture people that have a love for skating.Since the 1980’s, Globe Longboards has been perplexing the insight that people have of about longboard and what it can do.When it comes to anything remotely related to skateboarding, the Hill brothers are the definite experts.

How to choose the globe longboard that is right for you?

Globe provides a great diversity of long boards each of which is suited to different styles of riding. It encompasses a wide range of trucks, wheels and deck shape like other brand does.Since there is not an official home page of Globe Longboards here is a little something you need to know to make your long board purchase more suited to your demands.

Types of trucks

Each is suited to different styles of riding.There are only 2 sizes of trucks, 150mm and 180 mm, to choose from. The longbaord trucks should be in accordance with the deck’s width.Two types of kingpin are available which are reverse kingpin and standard kingpin determined by the position of axle on the truck.

Caliber goldCaliber Gold truck : They allow curvy and smooth rides. They are ideal for huge slides, downhill racing, or any other slide tricks. They do however cause a little wheel bite.

Paris V2 Truck :They are very tough, long lasting, and strong with a durable powder coasted finish. They have pivot cups and provide great balance between stability and maneuvering. They have 90 A bushing that make them good for cruising and carving.

Paris crimson Truck: They have great strength, durability, and stability. They have 6-hole baseplate which is available in both old school and new school styles. They have soft bushings that make suitable for beginners and advanced riders assisting in carving and cruising.

Goldcoast Century Truck : They are of very high standards. The trucks employ centerboard hardware holes and symmetrical 50 degree hanger that enable easy flip tricks and high tricks, jumps with predictable and responsive turns.

Types of wheels:

Zombie Hawgs Wheels : These are round lipped wheelsthat are less prone to flat spots and ovals. They have sideset core and stone ground goodness and are suitable for slides, freeride, and drop through.

Seismic Speed Wheels : They are ideal for mini longboards or free ride setups. They are said to be the fastest of wheels with the quickness and agility of small wheels.They are ideal for bumpy surfaces, slope streets and commuting as they provide incredibly fast rides.

Seismic Landslide Wheels:The wheels employ generous double radiusand great grip-to-slip ratio that makes them good for smooth and controlled slides, free ride, technical sliding.

Orangatan Stimulus Wheels : high strength, high stiffness, heat resistant urethane, offset bearing seat and wide contact pitch, slide tricks, dancing, commuting, buttery smooth rides.

Deck types:

Pintail shape : It provides great balance for cruising and carving and the shape ensures zero chance of wheel bite. It is the most common shape for longboards.

Fishtail shape : It is very similar to the fish tail but has a split tail. It is also ideal for cruising and carving with little chance of wheel bite.

Blunt shape : It has a wider round nose and tail. It is used in bowls, banks, transition riding, and cruising. It gives riders a traditional feeling of skateboard riding.

Mini cruiser : This is not a suitable choice for longboard. It is small in size that can fit inside bags providing easy transport from one place to another.

Twin :They provide great stability for rough rides like hitting parks, streets or just cruising round bumpy roads.

Cutout shape : This shape is suitable for freestyle riding, freeride, and downhill racing as this shape is associated with large and fast wheels. It provides very stable and high speed rides.

Drop down shape : This shape is suitable for long distance rides with an easy push.

Speed board shape : It provides the maximum stability, speed, and stiffness. They ensure very stable high speed rides but have chances of wheel bite too.