Guide to the Best Longboard Slide Gloves: Find the best out there!

Hello there starters! Thrilled to have you taking an interest toward longboard slide gloves aka relieved that you care for the safety of your hands (joking joking)! Also, longboarders who are here to find some suggestions to help with upgrading your gloves, or maybe to find out how to choose the best longboarding gloves for your needs, let’s get started!

skate set longboard glovesNow, before we move on to the real thing, let’s talk a little on what longboarding gloves are all about (experts, please feel free to scroll down to the suggestion list). Gloves are important because they not only provide protection but also help with control. The only way you will ever be able to touch the ground and do that cool slide, drift into a corner or make that graceful stop is by having a pair of gloves keeping your skin from peeling off, unless of course you decide to use a stick or something but then it wouldn’t really be as edgy that I can tell for sure. But, in case you are wondering, no, gloves are not always a necessity. For example, if you have chosen longboarding as a means of transport then no, even though gloves would definitely provide protection, you would probably do fine without them as well. However, if you are looking forward to freeride and downhill then yes, gloves are pretty much a necessity. When you come to think of it, you can’t exactly perform any of the sleek sliding action simply with footwork alone and needless to mention, drifting is almost impossible. Also, for those of you who are looking forward to master every possible technique, you should already know that quite a few of the technical slides cannot be performed without gloves. Another thing is that, it often becomes necessary to stop abruptly and in those situations shut-down slides can be performed best with gloves on. I suppose it is safe to say that gloves are just as important for longboarding as shoes are. In order to do the right moves and have proper control over your board, you do need all four of your limbs; hence, safety is a must for all cuatro!

Now for the fun part! Let’s take a look at some good gloves out there (our favourites!)

Suggested Longboard Slide Gloves

Triple 8 Sliders Longboard Gloves

Sliders Longboard GlovesThis pair has pretty much got it all. It has pucks on the palm, thump and even on the fingertips (talk about all out protection!) also, the most contact prone parts on these gloves such as the fingertips are made from full top grain leather that are well stabilized with tear-resistant Kevlar. The sliders on it are also replaceable, which is quite an advantage.

Triple 8 Sliders Downhill Glove

Sliders Downhill GloveTriple 8 is actually a pretty good brand in terms of quality and price from what I have observed. This set of gloves in particular are made specifically with downhill in mind but can be used for other longboarding styles as well. This model also comes with Kevlar fingertips and the fingertips are actually engineered for ease of movement and grabs. It has got neoprene padded knuckle with moulded Triple 8 badge for further security and also features short cuff with wraparound strap for more support. This model too features replaceable sliders.


Landyachtz Freeride Space Slide Glove

Freeride Space Slide GloveThis is a pair of lightweight gloves that are also reasonably durable. It is made from a mixture of Kevlar, nylon and suede which gives it that lightweight feel and durability. The gloves also got double layer of stitching in areas that are more prone to wear and tear which helps it last longer. The slide pucks are made from super durable UHMW and are also replaceable. Overall, this is actually quite a good pair to consider.


Loaded Slide Gloves V6

Loaded Slide Gloves V6This particular pair is actually one of my favourites. The fabric used is absolutely spot on, it is super durable and the mesh top allows for breathability and also makes riding quite comfortable especially in the hot summer. The pucks that are adjusted on the palms and fingertips are also made from high quality material which provides maximum safety. It also features removable foam EVA wrist protection which is designed not only to provide protection but also to create a comfortable and reliable pair of gloves.

Now for my favourite part! This product is 100% vegan! Absolute no animal derivative has been used in its production and the materials have not been tested on animals either which makes it 100% cruelty free as well!


Loaded Slide Gloves V6

Sector 9 BHNC GlovesThis is a gorgeous pair of gloves that comes with high density grip print on fingers, 3 mm anti-vibration foam on palm, Delrin 9 ball palm pucks and velcro and neoprene wrist wrap for additional support. It is definitely a pair that is worth checking out.


With all that out of the way, let’s find out what you should be looking for when buying your gloves.

First thing you gotta look for is lightweight but sturdy material; if your glove is too heavy it will get somewhat uncomfortable and you might even face a bit of difficulty to keep control after a while. However, do not make the mistake of choosing lightweight over durability. If you cannot find a good pair which is both lightweight and sturdy, go with the heavier option if it provides durability. Durability is very important because you do not want your gloves to split out a crack while you are on the run with your hands on the ground.

Another thing to look for is the palm pucks. Make sure you pick out a pair of gloves with palm pucks made from high quality hard plastic. This is because, the low quality ones are usually too soft and they not only wear out faster but also do not slide well because of that.