Best Mindless longboards

A Brief Introduction to Mindless Longboards

Mindless offers a wide range of longboards. The price can range from around $ 70 to around $ 200 so can be afforded by riders of all backgrounds. The material is typically made of a few plies of maple hard wood to bamboo. They offer a diverse variety of decks each suited to different styles of rides so there are preferable by riders of all skill level. The deck ranges from 34 inches to 44 inches along with different shape, concave, and flex. They are very fast and yet provide excellent balance. They ensure great stability, smooth, and swift rides and are very durable. The decks a great variety of graphics and can travel smoothly on any kind of terrains let it be a pool, sidewalk, streets, hills, bumpy roads etc. Every rider has one of these in the stock and so should you!!

Latest Mindless Longboards

Mindless Raider Complete Longboard

Mindless Raider Complete LongboardFeatures :

  • Length: 34 inches X 8 inches
  • Shape: Convex kick tail, Construction: 5-ply Canadian Maple, bottom ply light bamboo
  • Wheelbase: 23.8 inches
  • Trucks: 5.5inch Mindless Six Star with Raw Finish and 78A cushions
  • Wheels: Mindless Team 70mm 80A, Bearings: ABEC-5 Chrome

Mindless ML8400 Sanke Complete Drop Through Longboard

Mindless ML8400 Sanke Complete Drop Through LongboardFeatures :

  • 39″ x 9.5″ symmetrical concave deck made from 7 ply maple.
  • 7″ drop through Trucks.
  • 70mm 80a Team wheels with ABEC 5 Bearings
  • Max recommended rider weight about 90kg

Longboard Complete Mindless Longboards Tribal Rogue II 38" x 9.75" Complete

Longboard Complete Mindless Longboards Tribal Rogue II 38" x 9.75" CompleteFeatures :

  • 8 Ply Maple Deck
  • 6inch Seagull truck with raw finish and 95a cushions
  • Mindless team 70mm/80a wheels
  • ABEC 5 Smooth Bearings

Mindless Longboards Snake Drop-Through II Longboard

Mindless Longboards Snake Drop-Through II LongboardFeatures :

  • Length: 39 inches
  • Width: 9.5 inches
  • Shape: Classic switch drop through
  • Construction: 7-ply Canadian maple
  • Trucks: 7 inch RK trucks with tumbling finish

Mindless Hunter Complete Longboard

Mindless Hunter Complete LongboardFeatures :

  • Length: 44 inches X Width 9 inches
  • Construction: 7-ply Canadian maple, Shape: Concave pin tail
  • Wheelbase: 35.5 inches
  • Trucks: 6 inch Mindless Six Star truck, 95A SHR cushions
  • Wheels: Mindless Team 70mm 80A, Bearings: ABEC-5 Chrome

A Little Background Check

Mindless longboards were created over a decade by devoted skateboard/longboard fans and riders with a vision of creating affordable longboards with great performance. Their aim was to create high quality, well-designed longboards at a great price. Their products are designed and extensively tested in United Kingdom. They make sure that all the products are amassed in an ethical and sustainable way in the factory. They are well-known for using the best pressing techniques, board constructions and urethane formulas. They make sure their production processes are as green as possible. They source their maple from accredited regenerative forests and using fast growing bamboo where possible. They are constantly evolving and improving their products through a process of continuous feedback from many riders and stores. The company continuously responds to the needs of the fast growing whilst maintain their vision that they started with.

How To Choose The Mindless longboard That is right For You?

Mindless Longboards offer a wide range of longboards along with trucks, wheels, and decks. They are all suited to a particular style of riding. Here is a little information about them to help you choose the right one and make your purchase better.


Talisman trucks –The Mindless Talisman trucks has been gravity cast and heated treated for extra strength and durability. It allows the hanger light and yet strong that has been built on the special skull ball pivot design. They have been designed in-house by the Voodoo team from scratch by vigorous testing throughout the entire process making one of the finest trucks. The prototypes were given to a number of reputable riders around Europe to take the streets and mountains for safeguarding their quality.

  • Baseplate angle: 50 degrees
  • Height: 73mm
  • Hanger width: 177mm
  • Weight: 400g
  • Kingpin Style: Grade 8 fixed Reverse Kingpin
  • Bush: Double barrel 87A medium compound Mojo urethane
  • Washer: Oversized custom stamped washer
  • Heat Treatment: Secondary heat treatment to T6 for extra strength
  • Compatibility: Drilled to fit both old and new school set-ups
  • Branding: Side prints and embossed logos
  • Pivot cup: Skull Ball pivot with oversized PU cast pivot cup with added lubricant

Mindless classic trucks – These are unique and renowned for its high quality and performance and also for its high performance at an affordable price. They create trucks for all kinds of decks from mini-cruisers to free style and downhill boards. The Mindless reverse kingpin is a stable 7’ truck that is great for carving with an adjustable caster angle. They are fitted with a 78A SHR cushions as standard. They are great Mindless RK truck is great for carving while still maintain stability at high speeds.


Mojo Urethane wheels –The true feeling of the decks comes along with proper equipment. They bring the boards to life. These wheels have the special Mojo formula Urethane. It has been tested extensively by expert riders across the world and by Uk’s best test riders. They will give riders the confidence to ride with style and add some serious Mindless Mojo magic to your rides.

The Haraka wheels– They have been designed especially for speed for cruising and carving and are happy to eat up black tarmac. They have squared side wall with sharp lip and stepped inner edge that control urethane flex and help reduce the potential speed loss. They have varying offsets and contact patch widths. These wheels give plenty of grip but will breakout when needed depending on the size of the wheel chosen.

Kablia wheels – The pre-ground running edge with great slide straight out of the box. They are known to be confidence inspiring. They have a wide contact patch and have a centrally set core that controls consistent flex in the urethane. They are great all round wheels with thick rounded inner and outer lips. They have loads of urethane to kill during speed checks and pre drifts.


The Mindless Witch Doctor– The Company has made pressing decks over the last decade. The decks are made of advanced fiber laminates technology built with some of the best pressing techniques and materials. They are known to be the mighty boards to bewitch riders under the Mindless magic spell. They have undergone many changes over the years in both design and performance and this one is known to be the most radical of them all. It is the new premium series with added Mindless Voodoo magic. The new Voodoo component range provides the opportunity to give the longboard set up some real Mindless Voodoo magic.

Mindless Classic Range – The Mindless Classic Range has been going on well since 2005. Their philosophy has not changed yet, they try to make the best boards at best possible prices. All mindless classis longboards and components are designed and sourced by the Mindless team. They have complete control over every aspect of the product. They produce unique ranges (From mini cruisers to free style and downhill boards, from components to complete set ups ) and are renowned for their high quality and performance. These boards are of wide ranges suitable many riding styles suitable for riders of all skill level.