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Mini Logo 112/K12 White Skateboard is truly worth being in your collection. It is ideal for all kind of eccentric tricks. It is fast, stable, and strong and has a great turning radius. It is hard to believe a skateboard can have such an amazing combo at such a price and that too with amazing materials. It is open for all kinds of skaters ensuring a perfect accomplishment with a wide range of tricks and with great precision and thrill.

A brief description to the Mini Logo 112/K12 White Skateboard

Mini Logo 112K12 White SkateboardIt is a professional quality skateboard from a leader industry making high performance price point decks. It utilizes 35 years of experience of deck making providing the best sizes, shapes, and pop at affordable prices. It has a light weight design with great stability, strength, and durability. It uses premium alloys, high re-bound bushings, and precision axles. It has a deck of 7.75 inches in width and 31.75 inches in length. It is excellent for high tricks, doing Ollie, downhill and uphill racing given its light weight and kichtails. It is a versatile skateboard as it is can be utilized by skateboarders of all experience level with a wide range of tricks. The skateboard has been warranted against delamination and has a very useful lifetime.  You simply cannot resist its style, precision and combined features.

Design and material

Design and materialIt has a very concrete construction with 7 ply 100 % North American Maple Wood. It has been handmade with finest of materials. It has been assembled with raw silver Essential trucks. It has 52 mm wheels, black skate strong hardware, with super long lasting Essential ABEC 3 bearings. Its use of premium alloys, high rebound urethane bushings and precision 8 mm axles combined with its light weight design ensures a smooth turning radius. It has a mid-level truck height that has a combining effect of the best performance of low and high truck heights into one perfect package. The shape, materials, and textures have been refined to make the best board for militant skaters.


It is a perfect set for any skaters. It has excellent stability, durability, and strength and at a great bargain. You can ride on any kind of terrain you like. It makes riding uneven surfaces easy and fun. It is great for skillful skaters.  The company also provides lifetime warranty for any kind of manufactured defects. It has a light weight hanger and baseplate. It has slightly curved hanger which will lock you on the ground. It has been said that Mini Logo has the strongest, lightest, and quickest turning trucks all over America and at a great price. It is a perfect choice for transition skating, technical street skating, and for anyone fond of quirky tricks.

Is it suitable for you?

Whether you are a newbie or an expert the Mini Logo 112/K12 White Skateboard Review will appease your needs. It is suitable for people with a wide range of skills, ages, and heights. It has a very affordable price range so it is open for people of many backgrounds. All you need to do is feeling comfortable with it and it will be your perfect companion. Plus it comes with a manual which is a bonus for beginners which helps them to get to the bottom quickly.


It requires low maintenance like any other skateboard. You can just rub it with a wet, soft towel or handkerchief along with soapy water and it will return the shine and glamour of the skateboard.

Final Thoughts

The Mini Logo 112/K12 White Skateboard is definitely worth purchasing and adding to your collection. It is highly durable, stable, and very speedy suitable for high and eccentric tricks and racing. It is suitable for beginners and experts. It is certainly one of the highest standard skateboards and at a great price too.