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  • Weight
  • Design
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  • Speed
  • Price


For riders who can be anyone from a novice to an expert skateboarder, the Penny Nickel Skateboard can provide a delightful package of actual skateboarding experiences.

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The Penny Nickel Skateboard has been in the market for over three decades as the manufacturer’s retro contraptions which suddenly become out of market a few years ago. In 2010, they have again been brought into the market and marked as a cultural hit. Since the introduction, this skateboard has become a matter of debate as many riders had a question whether it is actually a longboard or a skateboard. Apart from this, another big part of it is whether or not this one is similar to its previous brothers. This review aims at helping potential buyers determine if this skateboard is the one that suits everyone’s demands.

penny nikel skateboard review

It is understandable beginners have their own expectations, and so do the intermediate racers and advanced skateboarders. Practically, there are only a few choices around, which can meet everyone’s demands. But, this one can really do that. Let’s see how:

Skateboard or longboard?

It is not as long as a longboard. Although it looks almost identical to a skateboard deck, it features some very obvious aspects of a longboard. Anyone with a moderate level of understanding of skateboards can get a proof by looking at its wheels and trucks, which make this skateboard belong to a whole new category, technically known as the shortboard.

The concept of shortboard:

Its deck is 27-inch long and 7.5-inch wide. So, it is typically shorter than a standard skateboard. The length did not actually make it unfamiliar. The narrow width is the reason why many riders did not show much interest in it. It is not much easy for anyone to adapt his/her confidence and foot placement. The diminutive weight and size bring in qualified portability. In addition, you can keep it inside a medium or large sized bag. If you have a backpack, you are sure to have a nice time with the skateboard.

penny Nikel Skateboard



In this section, all visible details are described thoroughly.

Design and look:

Specifically speaking, everything one can notice, from the decks and trucks to the wheels, is available in a rainbow of colors. Each of the stock boards is designed with colored trucks and wheels which match the decks tastefully. Thin and small, the design is no less than charming. The non-existent grip tape is exquisitely striking. With a richly textured surface, the Penny is slippery.

Penny Nikel Complete Skateboard

Features at a glance:

  • Custom-made A grade 356 cast aluminum trucks
  • ABEC 7 stainless steel bearings
  • Measurement of wheels is 59mm 78A
  • Extremely soft wheels ideal for cruising on wet ground
  • Available in a wide variety of colors, such as solid colors, tie-dye styles and stripes
  • Professional grade steering capabilities
  • Ability to conserve speed in a smooth manner


Performance and durability:

If you are fond of short tedious journeys, this skateboard will transform the tediousness of the journey into enjoyable spurts of nicety and amusement. For durability, this has a special quality as it will not brake too easily even after severe punishment. You can delve into experiences in doing a lot of tricks, no matter if you are travelling at a speed in which you can hardly breathe.

Final thoughts:

However, you must understand one that this skateboard is not good at hiding scratches. Be wary of the steep pathways as plastic and steepness cannot be friends. If you can abide by these two things only, this skateboard can easily be one of your dream tools for skateboarding or longboarding, whatever you call it.