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  • Speed
  • Price

You might have a hard time having the board under your feet, but you will be able to easily try all the basic tricks with the kick tail even if you want to make a jump in the air.

Ripstik Caster Board ReviewAnyone who has already spent some time to look at the skateboards or longboards in the market is already familiar with the fact that a skateboard that has unique design is the hardest thing to find. Also, an obvious scarcity that every skateboarder faces is a good combination of unique design, heavy-duty performance only at an affordable price. With Ripstik Caster Board, it seems that the scarcity is well addressed. No one denies it comes in a unique design, and most amazingly the two wheels which apparently give rise to a lot of questions.

Longboard or skateboard?

Technically, it is not a longboard but a skateboard in the form of a hybridized combination of a snowboard plus skateboard. Riding on this caster board on land may seem harmonious to snowboarding or surfing. So, you may wonder if the physics of riding a skateboard remains the same. Well, the mechanics undergo remarkable changes with some appreciative advantages.

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Ripstik Caster Board DetailsHaving two wheels, the Ripstik board is often said to have poor ability to yield balance. This is the hype, but the fact is it improves balance quite wonderfully. With just a few hours of practice, younger people who seem to have a minimum set of skills in riding on skateboards can improve their coordination and balance.

The caster board does not disappoint advanced riders who can try several tricks quite comfortably, which they could find next to impossible with a 4 wheeled traditional skateboard. Being able to move around swiftly is only a matter of about 30 minutes. With legs swiveled, a rider can go up a hill and immediately race back down while having quick turn at speed. The carefully built traction pads enable riders to feel that the caster board would not slide out or leave from the feet. You might have short time having the board under feet, but you will be able to easily try all the basic tricks with the kick tail even if you want to make a jump in the air.

A bit about the technical features

The board’s rear and front panels are amazingly flexible, meaning that you can control them by a bar that is located on the wheel’s top and spring oriented. The couple of traction plates are separated by a handle made with padded rubber. You have to do things to the traction plates. A simple transfer of weight will help you turn and accelerate the board. With subtle movements, the caster board can be propelled up the hill.

Ripstik Caster Board skateboard

What about the target audience?

As the board is designed with the capability of kids and younger people in mind, you can teach a kid or any of your neighbors’ kid how to skateboard with it. A kid who has hardly any experience in riding on a skateboard will not need longer than a day to master the very fundamental tricks. Yes, that’s the efficacy of this caster board.

Final thoughts

In fact, you can say all good things about the caster board except the one thing that it is geared towards the younger racers. However, this skateboard has earned much of its fame just because of its excellent service rendered to adult audiences. It has earned the highest rating that any caster board could achieve. Now, you can definitely say it is the long-awaited skateboard you have been waiting for.