• Durability
  • Weight
  • Design
  • Stability
  • Speed
  • Price

The Sector 9 Revolver Green/Red Skateboard is of great quality. It has been designed for challenge lovers. Undeniably, any kind of tricks can be done with this one. When you compare all the rides it promises the price is a small factor. In addition, beginners can take a ride on it too as its wheels and trucks can be adjusted to users’ needs. Its sophistication and strength will leave the audience with amazement. This skateboard was built for greatness.

A brief description to the Sector 9 Revolver Green / Red Complete Skateboard:

Red Complete SkateboardIt is an amazing skateboard of professional quality. It measures 9.125 inches in breadth and 37.50 inches in length. It uses the best components of the Sector 9 factory guaranteeing a superior product. It is good for cruising, free ride, downhill racing, push, and sliding. It has a pintail shape that throws it into a sidewinder series that provides good support and grip. It has a very tight turning radius that provides a next level cruiser. The revolver gets you going where you want to go and makes you do whatever you desire to do with its amazing ability to dodge any obstacle in your path as it provides a ton of leverage over the trucks from the top mount construction. Let be a pool, street, park, or rail tracks this skateboarder will be your perfect companion. It has a standard deck size so it can be used by beginners too, in which case however adjustment of wheels is needed though.

Design and materials:

It is made out of 100 % North American Hard Wood of 7 ply. It has been tried and tested robustly because Becker provides the best of the best skateboard so you can count on its stability and durability. You do not need to worry about it breaking into pieces.  It has a mild concave and medium flex. It employs 9 inch Gullwing Sidewinder II trucks. It has Sector 9 Top Shelf Slalom wheels of 69 millimeter and 78 A. in addition there are 7 shades of wheel shades to choose from. It has a wheel base of 24.5 inches. It has ABEC 5 Greaseball bearings, 1.125 inch hardened steel bolts and ERG grip tape. It has a funky new school design of many color strokes.


Sector 9 Revolver Green -Red Complete Skateboard ReviewIts length and width is perfect for expert skaters and quite suitable for beginners too. It is not heavy so it is easy to carry around and easy to ride with. It is the latest product of Sector 9 and ensures the standard, strength and thrill it has promised. You can rely on it durability and power.

Is it Suitable for you?

Whether you are a newbie or an expert the Sector 9 Revolver Green/Red Complete Skateboard will quench your needs. It is suitable for people with a wide range of skills, ages, and heights. If you want something tasteful for you to ride on this is a perfect choice. All you need to do is to feel comfortable with it and it will be your perfect companion. Plus it comes with a manual which is a bonus for beginners which helps them to get to the bottom quickly.

Little Maintenance Required:

It requires little maintenance. You can just rub it with a wet, soft towel or handkerchief along with soapy water and it will return the shine and glamour of the skateboard.

Final Thoughts:

The Sector 9 Revolver Green/Red Skateboard is definitely worth purchasing and adding to your collection. It is highly durable, stable, and very speedy suitable for a wide range of tricks. It is suitable for beginners and expert skater too. It establishes one of the highest of standards in skateboards. Once you ride on it and get moving you cannot resist it.