• Durability
  • Stability
  • Speed
  • Design
  • Weight
  • Price

The Chocolate Elijah Berle Calling Card Skateboard is a top-notch quality utility. It was designed for challenge lovers. Absolutely any kind of tricks can be done with this one as it was designed for nothing else but greatness. When you compare all the immensity it promises the price is a small factor. In addition, beginners can take a ride on it too as its wheels and trucks can be adjusted to users’ needs. Its elegance and aptitude will leave the audience with reverence.

Brief introduction to the Chocolate Elijah Berle Calling Card Skateboard

The Chocolate Elijah Berle Calling Card SkateboardIt is skateboard of great professional quality. This brand redefines the term professionalism.  It measures 8.125 inches in breadth and 31.625 inches in length. You can do absolutely insane tricks with this one. Flip, grind, slide, nollie, whatever the trick is you name it and the Chocolate Elija Berle will get it done. This board totally conquers any kind of terrain, let be pool, streets, parks or slopes, it will make you the king of the land. You will have absolute control over the land. It countenances smooth and speedy rides. Downhill racing will feel like taking a candy from a baby. Yes this board is that good. It has a standard deck size, so it can be used by beginners too. The complete skateboard employs quality wheels, bearings, grip tape and suitable truck style for all the crazy moves. This skateboard is undeniably invincible. One ride on this one and there you cannot get your feet off this one.

Design and material

The entire deck is made of 100% Canadian Maple Hard Wood so it is indomitable. It has 7 plies and has been tried and tested vigorously so it durability, stability is assured. It is has one of the highest standards in skateboard kingdom. It is light weight so the tricks and flips will make you feel that you are flying. It encompasses white wheel of 50 millimeter and 50 to 100 A durometer.  It has high quality mini logo bearings, silver truck of 140 millimeter, and a quality grip tape, which is free by the way. It has original graphics design and color which is likeable for skateboarders of all ages. It has the X- factor that you find missing in all of your cheap skateboards of your collection. It was built to last and meet the needs of your insane and wild skateboarding desires.


The Chocolate Elijah Berle Calling Card SkateboardIts size and weight is perfect for expert skaters and quite suitable for beginners too. It is not heavy so it is easy to carry around and easy to do all the wicked tricks. It is one of the lightest skateboards that was designed to go absolutely insane with. It is the latest product of Chocolate Skateboards and guarantees the standards it is known for. You can rely on its durability and sturdiness.

Is it suitable for you?

This board is an excellent choice for challenge lovers but beginners can ride it too. It is suitable for people with a wide variety of skills, ages, and heights. If you want something classy and equally elegant for you to ride on this is a perfect choice. It is affordable when you compare the features it possess and the rides it promises. All you need to do is feeling comfortable with it and it will be your perfect companion. Plus it comes with a manual which is a bonus for beginners which helps them to get to the bottom quickly.


It requires little maintenance. You can just rub it with a wet, soft towel or handkerchief along with soapy water and it will return the shine and glamour of the skateboard.

Final Thoughts:

The Chocolate Elijah Berle Calling Card Skateboard is definitely worth adding to your collection. It is highly durable, stable, and very speedy suitable for high tricks. It makes impossible insane tricks possible with ease. It is suitable for beginners too. It is a fantastic skateboard and certainly of one of the highest standard and at a great price too.