• Durability
  • Design
  • Speed
  • Stability
  • Weight
  • Price

It has an optimal price of longboards and with exquisite features and capacity of rides. It is the best choice if you are looking for fun rides. It is a professional quality longboard but it suites well to beginners’ needs just as well. It has one of the classiest designs and has excellent stability and strength.

A brief description to the Yocaher Professional Speed Drop-Down Stained Complete Longboard

The Yocaher Professional Speed Drop-Down Stained LongboardIt is a board of great standard. It is the 3rd best-selling longboard on Amazon. This board was meant for speed and according to users it can ride as fast as 25 to 30 miles per hour. It has a perfect turning radius. It has a high flex and 2 inch drop down that makes it very comfortable to ride on. It has zero risk of snapping or cracking.  It ensures a smooth ride and thrilling sensation. It is great on hills, bumpy roads. It gives a perfect sensation of carving among other longboards. This board is extremely stable and strong and provides good control to the user so there are no wobbles during riding. It is perfect for beginners and professional skaters too. It has a whopping 22 shades of color to choose from.

Design and materials

It is a professional quality longboard. It has a deck size of 9 inches width and 41.25 inches in length. It has an exotic design of the beach with multiple color strokes. It is made of 9 plies of Maple Hard wood that makes the board unbelievably strong. It will literally never break no matter how heavy or big you are. It will not even peel a little bit during harsh rides. It employs HD 7 heavy duty aluminum alloy trucks with a 180 millimeter hanger, and a top mount truck system. It has Q-Ball speed cruiser wheel of 70 millimeter length and 52 millimeter in width. It includes ABEC 7 Chrome bearings and premium grade 80 A black grip tape. It has a wheel base of 3 inches. It has a great concave.


Yocaher Professional Longboard Design and Materials DetailsThis board possesses fantastic quality. It is unbelievably strong; the weight of heavy and big people will not be able to break it. It is very stable and provides optimal control that makes it easy to ride on bumps, speed breaks, hills with zero wobble effects. It has astounding features and at an amazing deal.

Is it suitable for you?

This board is a professional quality board. It is for people who are skating fanatics, who never get bored or tired of riding. It can do some tricks but due to its heavy weight may be a little slow. All professional long boarders love this one. It has a huge number of teen age fans all over the world. It is perfect for both beginners and expert skaters who love going all the way.


It is very easy to maintain. You can just rub it with a wet, soft towel or handkerchief along with soapy water and it will return the shine and glamour of the skateboard. The wheels and bearings can be cleaned with Kleenex and toothbrush without the risks of any scratch.

Final thoughts

It has amazing features at such a great price. It is very popular; certainly every skater has one of these. It has strength more than any other longboards at this price and may be more than some expensive ones too. Yocaher is a trust worthy brand and provides the standard it is well known for. This board is a definite keeper.